Born and raised in San Francisco, brothers Ron and Alfonso Portillo were influenced by bands such as Santana, Malo, War, El Chicano, Azteca, and Journey. Having come from a musical family, the brothers started playing music together in the early 80's. They continued on their musical journey and were later discovered by Victor Pamiroyan, manager of Latin legend Pete Escovedo, who recognized Los Cochinos as an up and coming band that is well on its way to success in the Latin rock music scene. 
Ron Portillo's talented hands create the Latin flavored songs on the keyboard and Alfonso creates the melodies on his guitar with feeling and passion. Together, they create a special sound that has been compared to the early sound of Santana, El Chicano and other Latin Rock style bands.
Los Cochinos' talented musicians include:

On vocals, the talented David Zabalza, a recent addition after we lost our singer and front man for many years to cancer, Cedric "Coco" Deonbi. David has written and performed music with Pablo Tellez (Santana, Malo) and has recorded and shared the stage with many well known artists including War, The Temptations, Con-Funk-Shun, Tower of Power, Tierra and  Dizzy Gillespi.  He now assists Alfonso on writing and composing some of the band's new songs.

On congas, Vicente Ponciano.  Vicente  has played with many notable San Francisco bands and continues performing with "Dakila". 

Our bass guitarist is the talented Ron Estrada.  Ron was born and raised in San Francisco and started his own band back in the 70's "Estrada's Natural Band" with featured artists timbalero Benny Vallarde and sax player Bruce Unsworth of "Pride and Joy". Ron has performed with many San Francisco bands including
"Fog City Revue", "The Jukes", "Second Story Band", "Michael Osborne Band" and "Mambo Street".et.

On Sax, from San Jose, CA, is the dynamic Don Galvan.  Don has played and recorded with many of the Bay Area's Latin Rock/Soul bands.  Don also performs with the "Mike Torres Band".
On timbales and percussion, Victor Nolasco .  A much sought after percussionist, Victor has performed with many renowned bands in the Latin rock scene as well as having led his own band "Safari".

A new addition, on drums, Dahvi “Rocket Pocket” Kumar is originally from Sri Lanka but grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Dahvi showed an early love for percussion and got 
his first opportunity to play professionally in the 70’s with Billy Johnson of the “Black Light Explosion Co.”, rooted out of the Haight and Ashbury District of San Francisco.  He continued 
on performing studio work and spent some time sharing grooves with Sahib Malik, “The Congo Drum Freak”.  Dahvi has continued to work with other local bands and keeps busy working studio sessions. 


Guest horn players include:
Julius Melendez, trumpet.  Julius has many professional credits including having recorded on Santana's Grammy winning albums "Supernatural" and "Shaman".  He also toured with Santana for five years.  Julius also recorded his own album "Passion and Romance".
Jeff Teczon, sax.  Jeff recorded with John Lee Hooker, Jr., on his recent Grammy nominated album.
Abraham Vasquez, sax.  Abe has played with many notable bands including Hall and Oates, Dr. John, Tierra, and The Tommy Castro Band.
Larry "Refu" Sanders plays both the sax and flute, and sings background vocals.  "Refu" is a New Orleans native and has studied under Al Makay (Earth, Wind, and Fire), Billy Preston, and pianist Horace Tapscott.  He has shared the stage with, and, or performed with Greg Karakas, Muddy Waters, Chris Cain, The Fowler Brothers, The Whispers,  The Temptations, Saxophonist Euge Grove, and Bay Area greats Tom Pulitzer and Jeff Beck, formerly of Tower of Power
Last but not least, on horns, is the talented Art Arriola.  Art has played with Pete Escovedo, Richard Bean and Sapo, and many other great musicians.  Art also leads his own band in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Art sings background vocals and plays the French horn, trumpet, and trombone. 


"SF Carnaval-Here is a partial list of this year's performing bands, as they are well worth mentioning for those out-of-towners wanting to know what is happening in the San Francisco Bay: Los Cochinos"

Chuy Varela-Latin Beat Magazine
"Los Cochinos are a newer group but have been rapidly climbing the ladder and being mentioned alongside all of the legends.  The only way a new band can do that in such a short time is by being dynamic.  That's what Los Cochinos are...DYNAMIC!"

Arturo Gastelum-Old City Entertainment

"All three bands are great, but the band that genuinely speaks to me is Los Cochinos.  They remind me of the days when I used to go to see the Paladins and The Blazers at the Palamino in LA.  I hope people come out for this show because this is the groove that just makes people feel good!"

Stephanie Daulton-Urban Music News

For information on booking Los Cochinos please contact:

Dr. Bernardo Gonzalez of Latin Rock, Inc. at 415-285-7719

Dr. Bernardo Gonzalez "Dr. Rock" 

or email Dr. Rock at Bookings@LosCochinos.com

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"Feel the same" live at the Elbo Room


Gibby and Ronnie Timbale Duel


Pensando en ti

Thank you to all of our fans, friends and especially family for supporting us and believing in our music.  It is our dream come true to bring enjoyment, laughter and tears to those that hear our music.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives...


Los Cochinos 
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   Brothers Ron and Alfonso Portillo

 David Zabalza

  Vicente Ponciano  

       Ron Estrada     


Victor Nolasco

Dahvi Kumar 

Don Galvan

 Our Guest Horn Players...

                                             Art Arriola                                              

                                          Julius Melendez                                                              

                                                                               Abraham Vasquez                                                                                

    Larry "Refu" Sanders