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July 3rd, 2009             Los Cochinos                                        Slim's                                       

Carnaval San Francisco 2009

Los Cochinos at The Elbo Room

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Los Cochinos in the Mission 2008

Born and raised in San Francisco, brothers Ron and Alfonso Portillo were influenced by local
bands such as Santana, Malo, War, El Chicano, Azteca, and Journey. Having come from a musical family, the brothers started playing music together in the early 80's. They continued on their musical journey and were later discovered by Victor Pamiroyan, manager of Latin legend Pete Escovedo, who recognized Los Cochinos as an up and coming band that is well on its way to success in the Latin rock music scene.

Ron Portillo's talented hands create the Latin flavored songs on the keyboard and Alfonso creates the melodies on his guitar with feeling and passion. Together, they create a special sound that has been compared to the early sound of Santana, Malo and other Latin Rock style bands.
Among the talented Bay Area musicians that comprise Los Cochinos are Jose Luis Rodriguez, drummer, percussionist and timbalero who played previously with Caravanserai, and who studied under the great drum legend Chuck Brown. Formerly of
the band Malo is the talented bass player Dave-O Witten.  Also from the Latin Rock scene of the Mission are Cedric Deonbi on vocals, Ron Mesina on timbales and percussion, and Dane Pryce on congas.

In 2006 the CD “Fiesta” was r
ecorded. The signature song of the CD, “Flores de Abril”, has been rated as high as #2 on in Australia, for the Latin genre. Also from that album, “Patricia”, is a favorite of fans, and, of both Portillo brothers, as the song is dedicated to the memory of their mother Patricia.

Los Cochinos have played throughout the Bay Area of Northern California and have shared the bill with many top musicians, including Chepito Areas, formerly of Santana, Jorge Santana and The Voices of Latin Rock, an all-star band comprised
of musicians from Malo, Sapo, and War, and many others. The music is all original compositions developed by Ron and Alfonso, and the percussionists add the flavor that make it San Francisco Latin Rock.

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Alfonso Portillo              Guitar and Band Leader
Ron Portillo                     Keyboards
Dave Witten                     Bass Guitar

Jose Luis Rodriguez    Drums and Timbales
Cedric Deonbi                Lead Vocals and Percussion
Dane Pryce                     Congas
Ron Mesina                    Timbales and Percussion