Los Cochinos is an established Latin rock and Soul band, said by many to have been “passed the torch” from Carlos Santana as one of the only true, original, Latin Rock and Soul bands that continue to create and perform original music.

Los Cochinos has developed a large following and has released two CDs, most recently “Los Cochinos” in 2017. The band is currently working to complete new songs for our next CD titled "Patricia", in honor of my mother Patricia. The CD should be ready for release by the beginning of 2022.

The band’s sound has been described as similar to that of Santana, El Chicano, War and Tower of Power. The band also includes some tasty covers that will keep you on the dance floor!

Los Cochinos have performed with El Chicano and many other notable bands and have developed a significant following throughout the U.S. and globally.

The band features Alfonso Portillo on guitar, followed by Donald Osborne on keyboards. Our solid latin percussion section is led by Karl Perrazo (Santana) protege Tomas Montano. On saxophone, flute and vocals is the spectacular Don Galvan. Fauss Gamulo is on bass and Lorenzo "Lonnie" Macon is our singer and is standing in on drums until our drummer Art "King" Cooper recovers from a serious auto accident.

The ballad “Feel the Same” from our latest CD "Los Cochinos" has become a hit song for the band and receives radio airtime in both Northern and Southern California markets.

Come to a live performance to see why the music of Los Cochinos is so loved by those that hear it... Listen to us on Spotify, AppleMusic, IHeart Radio and many other major music distribution services...