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Brothers Ron and Alfonso Portillo

Born and raised in San Francisco, brothers Ron and Alfonso Portillo were influenced by bands such as Santana, El Chicano, Malo, War, Azteca, and Journey. Having come from a musical family, the brothers started playing music together in the early 80's.

They continued on their musical journey and were pushed out to perform for the public by friends and family who recognized the talent of the brothers. Especially, their mother "Patricia", who always supported their music.

The band was recognized by John "Lalo" Rodriguez, music historian of the latin and rock scene of San Francisco who recognized the potential of the brothers' music and recommended the band to Dr. Bernie Gonzalez (Dr. Rock) of Latin Rock, Inc., who at the time was managing "Malo". Dr. Rock caught part of a show that the band was doing at an outdoor festival. He then offered them their first show at Club Fox.

Pete Escovedo also became aware of the band through his manager Victor Pamiroyan, who recognized Los Cochinos and mentioned that the band is "well on its way" to success in the Latin rock music scene.

Since that time in the late 2000s, Los Cochinos have been mentioned by many to have "been passed the torch" from Carlos Santana's band, as one of the only true original Latin rock and soul bands that continue to make original music in the tradition set by Santana.

Los Cochinos create a special sound that has been compared to the early sound of Santana, El Chicano and other legendary Latin Rock bands.

The band performs an incredible and exciting live set with a musical menu of Alfonso's screaming, signature guitar lines which emote feeling and emotion and take the listener on a musical escape from the here and now. On piano, Donald Osborne brings his years of experience and "Chick Corea" influence onto the musical compositions which add another element to the musical menu. On rhythm guitar is the talented Raj Gopal.

On lead vocals is the multi-faceted talent John Marin, whose years of front man experience adds that Latin touch and soulful voice to the music.

On drums is the extremely talented Lorenzo "Lonnie" Macon, who keeps the beat for Los Cochinos and also offers up soulful and passionate vocals that touch your heart and make you dance! Lonnie is standing in for our drummer Art "King" Cooper, who was involved in a serious auto accident and is recovering. Both drummers tighten up the bottom end and add that Latin rock and soul vibe, which is incomparable and unique.

Our percussion section is led by talented and much sought after musician Tomas Montano, who has been performing with Alfonso for fifteen years, along with conguero Miguel Martinez, who performed with Malo.

Fauss Gamulo brings his smooth, percussive bass lines which blend well with the soulful sounds of Los Cochinos.

Once you sample the sounds of Los Cochinos, you'll certainly be a fan!

Thank you to all of our fans, friends and especially family for supporting us and believing in our music. It is our dream come true to bring enjoyment, laughter and tears to those that hear our music. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lives...

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"Two great SF Latin Rock bands take the stage this Saturday, each with a slight twist on the genre. Puro Bandido take all the classic elements, the driving percussion and wailing distorted guitar, but give it a high-energy R&B backbeat-like Santana , but faster. Los Cochinos take that same percussion-heavy Latin groove and screaming guitar lines, but slow the tempo way down to smooth soul territory. Members of each band have performed and recorded with Santana at some point in their careers. It shows in their incredible chops"

A.D. -Metro Silicon Valley Magazine

"SF Carnaval-Here is a partial list of this year's performing bands, as they are well worth mentioning for those out-of-towners wanting to know what is happening in the San Francisco Bay: Los Cochinos"

Chuy Varela-Latin Beat Magazine

"Los Cochinos are a newer group but have been rapidly climbing the ladder and being mentioned alongside all of the legends. The only way a new band can do that in such a short time is by being dynamic. That's what Los Cochinos are...DYNAMIC!"

Arturo Gastelum-Old City Entertainment

"All three bands are great, but the band that genuinely speaks to me is Los Cochinos. They remind me of the days when I used to go to see the Paladins and The Blazers at the Palamino in LA. I hope people come out for this show because this is the groove that just makes people feel good!"

Stephanie Daulton-Urban Music News