Photo courtesy of Fred Gutierrez

Alfonso Portillo

Alfonso Portillo is a founding member of the band along with brother Ron Portillo. Both brothers played music for their mother Patricia in the family home located just outside San Francisco, CA.

Alfonso started playing guitar at age twelve and learned to play many of the standard rock and country songs of the 60's and 70's. He later developed his own, melodic style of guitar, which is unique and transformative. Alfonso and brother Ron Portillo composed the early original Los Cochinos songs. Alfonso composes the new songs and collaborates with Donald Osborne and John Marin on some of the new tunes.

Alfonso's musical influences are Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, Robin Trower, Neal Schon and David Gilmour. Alfonso's melodic leads guide and direct the band's original compositions and take the listener on a journey of joy and relief; familiar, yet dramatic, emotional, yet compassionate, simple yet difficult... Unique!

Tomas Montano

Los Cochinos are proud to have on timbales and percussion, Tomas Montano . An established timbalero, Tomas has performed with many renowned bands in the Latin rock scene as well as his training as a protégé of Santana's Karl Perrazo.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Tomas was exposed to a wide variety of different styles in music at a very early age. ''I didn't choose chose me". Starting as a young child, Tomas has played some kind of drum or related instrument.

With no formal musical training and having come from a musical family, Tomas taught himself percussion and was influenced by Carlos Santana, Tito Puente, Poncho Sanchez, Armando Perazza, Hector Lavoe, Chicago, Tower Of Power, Malo and El Chicano.

Tomas has played timbales and percussion with various bands, acts and musical ventures. Tomas has the longest tenure with Los Cochinos, which span a total of fourteen years. Tomas is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to perform the original music of Los Cochinos and also be able to inspire others!!

Lorenzo "Lonnie" Macon

Our drummer Art was involved in a serious auto accident and is recovering. During his absence, Lorenzo "Lonnie" Macon has taken over the drumming and vocal duties. Art would be proud of the job that Lonnie has been doing in his stead. We thank Lonnie for his heart and talent!

Lonnie has become our front man and singer. When Art returns on drums, Lonnie will primarily be our front man and will add to our musical regiment on keys and where else he is needed.

Lonnie not only sings and plays drums, he is also proficient on keyboards and bass. In addition, Lonnie creates his own original compositions! Look for Lonnie to work with Donald and Alfonso on new compositions being readied for our next CD "Patricia"!

Donald Osborne

Donald Osborne has been performing as a professional musician for over thirty years. Born in Berkeley, California, he began his career under the guidance of the late Earle Blew, Professor of Music at Stanford University.

Donald went from classical music training to discover a wide range of musical forms in which he could express himself; Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Pop, Country, Soul, R&B and original material.

Donald's father was a methodist minister, which influenced Donald's initial musical interests in Gospel music. Donald later grew to become a keyboardist, vocalist, writer, conductor and arranger.

Donald has performed with many of the bay area’s music treasures such as Etta James, The Hartfield bros., Fulton Tashombe, Lady Bianca, Felton Pilate, Greg Crockett , José Hernandez, Rock Hendricks, Freddy Hughes, Eugene blacknel and a host of other gifted artists who inspire him.

Donald has become a integral part of Los Cochinos with his original compositions that he writes with Alfonso. Donald's nick name is "The Professor". He sounds most like Herbie Hancock, musically.

Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez is a well respected conguero who is rising fast to make his mark in the Latin rock percussion world. Miguel has learned his percussion skills while having been mentored by Mio "Timbalero " Flores (El Chicano and The Whispers) .

Miguel is a great addition to the percussion section of Los Cochinos and has shown his impressive percussive skills in performances. Miguel is also a member of Latin rock legend Malo.

Los Cochinos are proud to have Miguel on our team!

Rajesh "Raj" Gopal

Raj is our second guitarist and holds down most of the rhythm guitar duties. Raj is a native of Berkeley, CA and is self taught on guitar. He is a fantastic player and great asset to the band. Raj compliments Alfonso's melodic style with innovative rhythm patterns on the guitar. Raj also sings background vocals. Los Cochinos are grateful to have Raj in the mix.

John Marin

On vocals and sax, from San Jose, CA., John Marin is at home being front and center on stage. He's a natural! John brings his extensive experience having performed with many notable bands including Mystique and recently, Momotombo.

John's vocals are superb and take the listener on a musical journey that will surely make you snap your fingers to the beat. John also plays sax and helps to bring that smooth soul essence to the band. John is also helping to write vocals to the new original compositions that Alfonso and Donald are creating. Look for his smiling face next time you see the band performing live!

Fauss Gamulo

Our bass man, Fauss Gamulo, hails from Vallejo, California and became interested in the bass guitar after having became friends with Melvin Coleman, bass player for the Whispers. Fauss worked hard to learn the bass and shortly thereafter, in his high school years, joined a Vallejo band called Persuasion.

He performed with them until 1973. Fauss took a break from music and later joined the band for a reunion performance, which kickstarted his bass playing career. Fauss later became the bass player with Glenn Snyder & Co., and then with DW Edwards & Lighting Up The Soul. In addition to playing bass with Los Cochinos, Fauss leads his own band in the Solano county area called Rendishun.

Fauss is one of the hardest working members of the band. In addition to his responsibilities on bass, Fauss is responsible for all sound needs of the band and coordinates with venues prior to our performance.

Art "King" Cooper

Art "King" Cooper is a talented drummer extraordinaire, who's added his soulful and rock driven chops to an already talented group of musicians. Art was involved in a serious auto accident and is recovering.

King grew up in San Francisco's Mission District and has been blessed to perform with Jules Broussard, Big City Blues, Phase II, Friends, Hot Sizzling Soul, Diamond, Rise, Wildfire and Finesse.

King has also led his own band Fog City Revue. King has much to offer as a percussionist as well as a human being.

King is a solid drummer and imparts sophisticated yet logical beats which drive our percussion section and direct the original Cochinos' compositions. King also adds musical knowledge to the creation of the original compositions.